Airtime solutions

Maritime and Offshore airtime solutions.

Iridium Airtime Solutions

True global and low-cost voice, messaging and data solutions.


Pole-to-pole coverage
- Email
- Web browsing
- Social media
- Crew calls
- Back-up to VSAT system

Inmarsat Airtime Solutions

Inmarsat mobile satellite communications. Secure voice, fax and data communications on all oceans.


Coverage 70° N to 70° S
- GMDSS data and telex
- Business data and voice
- Crew calling
- Crew welfare

VSAT Airtime Solutions

A competitive solution for vessels that demand high capacity broadband at a fixed price.


Regional or global coverage
- Ku Band ocean coverage
- New hybrid VSAT/L Band
- Data
- VoIP (voice over IP)